• $8

    Potato “Crisps”

    Tender fried sliced potatoes with your choice ketchup, spicy ketchup, or housemade ranch

  • $15

    Seared Salmon with Vietnamese Sweet Potato and Greens

  • $12

    Lime’s Caesar Salad

    Romaine and Leaf lettuces, sliced mushrooms, radishes and Parmesan

    Add Herby Chicken Salad 8. Add Grilled Shrimp 9. Add Salmon * 10.

  • $18

    Lime’s Burger with “Crisps”

    Beef burger with balsamic onions, aged cheddar, tomato, lettuce and potato “crisps”

  • $12

    Lime BLT with “Crisps”

    Maple glazed bacon, greens, tomato, pickled onions, sauteed jalapeño peppers and potato “crisps”
    Served on your choice of bagel or housemade bread

  • $15

    Grilled Herby Chicken Salad and Arugula on Housemade Bread with “Crisps”

  • $18

    Grilled Mini Ribeye Steak and Scrambled Eggs with Roasted Potatoes and Green Salad

  • $12

    Two Scrambled Eggs with choice of Maple Bacon or Hand Sliced Ham and Roasted Potatoes

  • $15

    Waffles with Caramelized Fruit

    Server will provide today’s flavour

  • $12

    Frittata with Green Salad

  • $5

    Katz’s Bagel with choice of Cream Cheese or Housemade Maple Butter

  • $16

    House Cured Salmon with Katz’s Bagels, Sweet and Sour Onions, Tomatoes and Capers

    Choice of Scallion or Plain Cream Cheese