• $22

    Pho Ga

    Savory chicken broth with noodles, mushrooms, vegetables and chicken

  • $19


    Rice vermicelli with vegetables and house made nuoc mam sauce

  • $29

    Seared Cod with Tomato, Capers, Beluga Lentils with Romesco Sauce

    Cod loin with tomato, capers, beluga lentils and romesco sauce

  • $26

    Tamarind Glazed Roasted Cornish Hen with Turnips, Greens and Baby Potatoes

    Roasted Cornish hen, turnips, roasted baby potatoes and sauteed greens

  • $34

    Shoyu and Sesame Grilled Ribeye on Greens and Crisps

    Grilled ribeye, lettuces with shoyu lemon vinaigrette, potato crisps

  • $18

    Lime’s Burger with Crisps

    Beef burger with balsamic onions, aged cheddar, honey mustard, tomato, lettuce and potato crisps

  • $27

    Seared Salmon, Vietnamese Sweet Potato and Greens

    Salmon arroser with herbs, salsa verde, roasted Vietnamese sweet potato and sautéed greens